Advisor - Nancy Hustel , 27 years advising Ro-So-Dak

Student Involvement-The staff members are responsible for all parts of the paper. They get involved with other students while doing interviews.

Special Awards/Accomplishments-Former student Leah Alsaker once recognition for a feature story she had written. Austin Eggers also recieved recognition for an exceptional layout in the issue that was submitted for judging.

What is your favorite thing about advising this activity? "I get to interact with a different group of students" -Mrs. Hustel 

Editor-Anna Koeppe

Photographers- Josh Q, Grace B, Jakson L

Staff-Kenzie J, Sasha H, Carley T, Maegen S, Anna E, Tessa D, Kasianna K, Mckenzie F, Tana L, Sydney M, Kailey J, Marilyn L

2015-2016 RO-SO-DAK Staff